Vision and mission

Our mission goes beyond just making a profit. With passion and pleasure, we make a positive impact on our environment!

Our vision

Organic and responsible consumption is becoming increasingly important for people, with sustainability playing an increasingly important role. De Halm allows people to enjoy fair, organic and delicious breakfast cereals. We preferably make these ourselves from raw materials from Dutch soil.

Our mission

We want to make organic and responsible food available to everyone, with products that are produced as sustainably as possible, are surprising and innovative. As a business partner, we strive for innovation, flexibility and connection. We want to work with you to market the best products.

“De Halm helps me to sell organic, delicious, Dutch breakfast cereals that are always of good quality. And De Halm does that perfectly.”


Organic since 1977

We have been producing organic breakfast cereals since 1977 and were one of the first organic pioneers in the Netherlands. Sustainability is therefore in our genes.

Completely unburdened private label

As we have the production in our own hands from start to finish and have a ‘food designer’ in-house, we can completely unburden you in the development of your private label.


We have a separate gluten-free production area for making gluten-free flakes. In this way, we can guarantee that the product is gluten-free.

The best from close to home

For our private labels, we do not opt for the cheapest from far away, but rather for the best from close to home! Fewer food miles for a healthier environment.


We (also literally) separate the wheat from the chaff. For this, we are, among other things, IFS higher level and Bio-certified.

Producing on green energy

We produce 100% using green energy and in parts of our production process, we reuse the heat that is released during our processes.

In-house recipe development

Together, we can develop a tailored recipe that suits your vision, mission and target group.

From single-serving packaging to bulk

With us, you can choose from various portion sizes and packaging (including portion bags, block bottom bags, tubes, doy packs, mini-bulk, bulk and big bags).