Sports and sponsorship

The products that are made at De Halm are not only delicious but often also very healthy. Take, for example, flakes such as oatmeal and oat flakes, but also the mueslis (nut muesli, muesli with fruit, spelt muesli extra rich). The healthy properties and nutritional values ​​are interesting for those who pay close attention to their diets, such as people with special diets, or athletes.

Team DSM

De Halm has been actively involved with athletes and their teams for several years. The cycling team Team DSM is such an example. During training sessions and races at home and abroad, the organic breakfast products are always on the breakfast table of the riders. Last year, the collaboration with Team DSM was intensified and we introduced two sports muesli together with the team’s dietitians.

POWER Sports Energy muesli

The POWER Sports Energy muesli has been developed to be the perfect start for riders due to a high fibre and energy content. The muesli also contains a minimal amount of fat in order for the carbohydrates to be absorbed faster.

AFTER Sports Recovery muesli

The AFTER Sports recovery muesli can be eaten post-workout. Due to the high protein content and slow carbohydrates, the muscles recover faster so that the energy level is quickly restored

Team DSM’s Keep Challenging Center

Team DSM has its own Keep Challenging Centre in Sittard. This sports village includes 28 apartments spread over 14 energy-efficient and sustainably-built homes. This campus is a place where athletes work together on a daily basis, and where they have access to excellent facilities in the field of training, coaching, nutrition, innovative projects and the prevention of injuries. It will be the base of their training and a base from which to depart and return from multi-day mountain climbing and training camps in southern Europe.

The teams of riders such as Cees Bol, Floortje Mackaij especially wants to accommodate the youngest talents on campus and prepare them for a professional career. The women’s team will also use the campus. The talents will also make use of De Halm’s organic breakfast cereals.

Liv Racing

Since 2020, we are collaborating with a women’s cycling team: Liv Racing. This team, which included Marianne Vos in 2020, is active in all races for women. The riders of Liv Racing also have our healthy products for breakfast and these are taken with them everywhere they go.

Sports ambassadors wanted

Finally, we also sponsor a few athletes in a personal capacity. Thalita de Jong, for example, riding for the Chevalmeire Cycling Team, and Yara Kastelijn, who is active in cyclocross – she is even the reigning European champion.

We still have options to help (endurance) athletes or teams with their nutrition! Are you an active top athlete in endurance sports (does not necessarily have to be cycling), or do you benefit from healthy nutrition in your sport? Let us know, so we can together look at what we can do for each other. Obviously, there is beautiful symbiosis when athletes perform better with our organic breakfast cereals, and for De Halm you are great ambassadors!