Crispy muesli

Crispy mueslis are a delicious and familiar basis for breakfast. We specialise in the production of whole-grain muesli in which the whole grain is processed and the nutrients are retained. Since we control the production from harvest to packaging, we can guarantee perfect and consistent quality. In our own bakery, we ensure that the mueslis are baked perfectly golden brown. Do you have ideas of your own? We are happy to discuss them with you!

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Crispy muesli raisins

A classic: the crispy muesli enriched with raisins.

Crispy muesli forest fruits

A wonderfully fruity crispy cereal-based muesli with added strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Crispy muesli coconut/hazelnut

A particularly tasty crispy muesli with roasted hazelnuts and coconut.

Crispy muesli as a private label

Our three production areas make it possible to realise your wish for the desired product. We bake our crispy mueslis ourselves and then mix them with other raw materials in our mixing facility. Would you like a crispy muesli with chocolate, banana or perhaps even herbs? Let us know, we are happy to think along with you! Are you interested in crispy muesli in bulk? Even for this, we can also be of service to you. Heeft u interesse in krokante muesli in bulk? Ook daarmee kunnen wij u van dienst zijn.