Looking for the best solution for the production of cereals under your own brand or private label? Then we can be of service. The processing of cereals, that is our speciality. Cereals grow all over the world and come in many different shapes and sizes. They also all have different tastes and/or properties.

The best quality

De Halm has built up a lot of expertise in the field of granola in recent years. We develop these in-house and then mix them in the mixing facility, then we bake them in our bakery and finally pack them on our packaging line. Because we have complete control over the entire production process starting from the time of harvest, we can closely guarantee our quality. In consultation with you, we can develop the desired granola very quickly.

Basic cereals

Oat flakes, rye flakes, buckwheat flakes and many other types of cereal can form the basis of a granola. Often nuts and seeds are added for flavour, these include, for example, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and cashews. In addition to nuts, fruits and other flavourings can be added. We regularly use raisins, chocolate, apricot, banana or super fruits. Chocolate, white, milk and dark are also a delicious bonus in crunchy granola.

Healthy granola

Granolas are often high in sugars. Delicious, but not very healthy. De Halm has a lot of experience in developing granola’s that are low in sugars. For our own brand Meesters van De Halm, we have even developed two deliciously crunchy granolas that are low in sugar. This means that they contain less than five grams of sugar per hundred grams, unique in the granola sector! Would you like to have a low-sugar, protein-rich or fibre-rich granola in your own brand or private label? Then we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Herbal granola

In addition to healthy organic granola, we also like to innovate when it comes to flavour. Nothing is too crazy for us. We recently launched two herbal granola’s. We chose the flavours strawberry, basil, chocolate and coconut, rosemary, almond. Exceptionally tasty! But of course, other flavour combinations are also possible.

Our granola, your brand?

Our flakery, mixing facility, bakery and packaging room make it possible to have the entire production in our own hands, from the time of harvest to packaging. This makes us a flexible and innovative business partner. We bake our granola ourselves and then mix them with other raw materials in our mixing facility. Do you want healthy granola with a lot of fibre? Or granola that is low in sugars? Or do you prefer a real treat with chocolate? The possibilities are endless, we are happy to think along with you!

Are you interested in granola in bulk? Even for this, we can be of service to you.


Completely unburdened private label

As we have the production in our own hands from start to finish and have a ‘food designer’ in-house, we can completely unburden you in the development of your private label.

Organic since 1977

We have been producing organic breakfast cereals since 1977 and were one of the first organic pioneers in the Netherlands. Sustainability is therefore in our genes.


We have a separate gluten-free production area for making gluten-free flakes. In this way, we can guarantee that the product is gluten-free.

The best from close to home

For our private labels, we do not opt for the cheapest from far away, but rather for the best from close to home! Fewer food miles for a healthier environment.