From serving-size to bulk

In addition to our organic consumer packaging in various packaging materials and sizes, we also produce anything ranging from single-serving packages to wholesale and bulk packages. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us without any obligation!

Single-serving packages

De Halm has the option of filling single-serving packages. We do this for customers in the hospitality and foodservice sectors, among others. Those who fly with KLM may encounter our single-serving packets there, for example; KLM’s granola by Meesters van De Halm is served on the aircraft. They can also be found in hotels, breakfast bars or petrol stations.

Hospitals also use our single-serving packages. Perfect for patients to get a sealed package that they can open themselves. As fresh as possible and very hygienic, especially ideal amidst pandemics.

For private labels, single-serving packets usually have a weight of 35-60 grams, depending on the content and the wishes of the customer. The single-serving packets of Meesters van De Halm are 50 grams and available in various variants. We use sachets made of plastic or compostable foil.

Our products in wholesale packaging are 1-kilo bags. These products find their way to hospitality wholesalers and other large consumers. Via the hospitality wholesalers, they end up at hotels and restaurants, but also at ice cream parlours and coffee bars.

We can also pack in bags of 5, 15 or 20 kilos. We call this bulk packaging. Which product goes in which bag, and whether we package in paper or plastic bags, depends on the type of product. We are happy to explain this further in a personal conversation. Customers of such bulk packaging include industrial bakeries or companies that make their own product from it and bag it in smaller packaging forms. We provide our bags with a label containing the necessary information. If desired, we can also sell the bulk packaging as a private label. We then label the bags with the customer’s label.


The largest bulk packaging for our organic cereal products is the big bag. These bags are around 500 kilos and are sold to Dutch customers, but they are also often exported to other countries in the European Union.

Do you have your own recipe, and you are unable to produce it, but you are able to bag it? No problem, we can take care of the production for you and deliver it in bulk packaging. Of course, we can also take care of the entire process for you, from product development to packaging in consumer packaging.

Why choose De Halm

Completely unburdened private label

As we have the production in our own hands from start to finish and have a ‘food designer’ in-house, we can completely unburden you in the development of your private label.

Organic since 1977

We have been producing organic breakfast cereals since 1977 and were one of the first organic pioneers in the Netherlands. Sustainability is therefore in our genes.


We have a separate gluten-free production area for making gluten-free flakes. In this way, we can guarantee that the product is gluten-free.

The best from close to home

For our private labels, we do not opt for the cheapest from far away, but rather for the best from close to home! Fewer food miles for a healthier environment.