Private label

Looking for a reliable private label partner for breakfast cereals or other breakfast products under your own brand? De Halm offers various solutions to our customers’ private label matters. We develop tailored recipes or product lines for customers or can package your current recipes in our packaging.

Are you looking for custom-made solutions for your breakfast cereals? Also for this De Halm is your ideal partner.

With our many years of experience in developing, producing and packaging flakes, mueslis and granolas, we are perfectly capable of producing your recipe. Do you have an idea and do you need help developing it? If desired, we can guide you through the entire process, from product development to production.

We have countless solutions available in the field of ingredients, product compositions, packaging forms and logistics services. And all open and transparent! No surprises and always the desired result.

Do you want a single-serving packaging to market an on-the-go product, or do you have customers in the industry? We package from 50 grams to 500 kilos of big bags and virtually anything in between. In addition to the regular packaging forms, we are happy to think along with you to make the world a better place, and we also offer 100% compostable and biobased packaging forms.

In short: you ask, we produce! Contact us and we will be happy to schedule an introductory meeting with you to discuss the possibilities. You are of course very welcome to come and see our production process!

Packaging options

We have a wide range of different packaging options. For example, most products of our Meesters van De Halm brand are packed in biodegradable foil, which means they are 100% plastic-free.

We also have a number of products in resealable stand-up pouches (also known as doypacks or pouch bags), and some products are produced in bag-in-box packaging. The products of our Qrop brand are packaged in biodegradable film that comes in a box.

For films and stand-up pouches, a private label can be chosen between blank packaging with labels and pre-printed packaging. With blank packaging with labels, the investment is smaller, but with pre-printed packaging, the customer can determine the complete look and feel. For foils and stand-up pouches we work together with various suppliers, who will be happy to tell you about the printing possibilities and quantities.

You can also supply your own packaging materials, provided that we can process them. For a Danish customer, for example, we fill tubes that are delivered to us by them.

A wide range of packaging possibilities! We are happy to help you if you have any questions.

Why choose De Halm

Completely unburdened private label

As we have the production in our own hands from start to finish and have a ‘food designer’ in-house, we can completely unburden you in the development of your private label.

Organic since 1977

We have been producing organic breakfast cereals since 1977 and were one of the first organic pioneers in the Netherlands. Sustainability is therefore in our genes.


We have a separate gluten-free production area for making gluten-free flakes. In this way, we can guarantee that the product is gluten-free.

The best from close to home

For our private labels, we do not opt for the cheapest from far away, but rather for the best from close to home! Fewer food miles for a healthier environment.