Steel-cut oats are here to stay!

At De Halm, oats are the basis for three different products. If we flake the oat grains, we get oat flakes. If we first cut the grain and then flake it, you get oatmeal. But the cut oat grains itself offers many possibilities! The name of this product? Steel cut oats. Nice to meet you.

Because steel cut oats are not flaked, they retain their robust oat flavor and have a delicious nutty bite. What's more, all the nutrients remain in the grain. Because steel cuts oats are less processed, they need to be prepared slightly differently.

Cooking them takes a little longer, but you get a completely different porridge with steel cut oats. Use steel cut oats as a base for overnight oats or in a freshly prepared breakfast. But just as interesting: steel cut oats are the perfect rice substitute! They give more flavor and bite to your dish, and they make you feel saturated for longer. Use them in risotto, pokebowls, shakshuka and taste the difference in flavor.

Have you never looked at steel cut oats in this way before, and want to test it for yourself? We would be happy to send you a bag so you can experience the versatility of steel cut oats for yourself. We also have various recipes on our website and on our Pinterest page, for your inspiration. Need even more inspiration? We are here for you.