Quinoaflakes, now extra sharply priced

This from origin South American Incaseed has been very popular for years, especially because of its healthy properties. Quinoa is a source of protein, minerals, copper and magnesium. It also contains fibers, B-vitamins, vitamin E and iron. And certainly not to mention it is also guaranteed gluten-free. The quinoa is processed into quinoa flakes on our dedicated gluten-free flaking line.

The quinobase flakes are packed per 15 kg in 3-layer paper bags with a label. On this label we can also print your company data (if required). In order to put the quinoaquflakes in the spotlight, we are offering them for an extra sharp price. The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet. If you prefer to have packed the quinoflakes in consumerbags, we can take care of that for you as well.

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Danique Ouwens
Youri van der Heijden
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Rob van den Berg

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