Packaging type: an important choice

What is the best packaging for a product? A simple question that needs to be carefully considered in various ways. What should you take into account? Read it here!

Packaging is more than just protecting the product. Packaging is preserving the content but also presenting and providing information at the same time. This can be done in different materials and shapes when it comes to breakfast cereals.

Material choice

Various materials are available; from plastic and cardboard to biodegradable and biobased. The type you choose depends on, for example, the mission and vision of your company, the message you want to communicate, but also the type of customer you have.

Packaging shape

Will you choose a basic form such as foil, will you choose a stand-up pouch or for a more luxurious look such as a bag in box or tube? What is the standard for similar products, how can you make the difference so the consumer chooses your product? In addition, you should think about color use (the more colors, the more expensive a package will be) and whether you want pre-printed film, or to work with a label on the front and back.

Outer box

The outer box is also an important part of the package. The outer box can be a part of your concept or message! Other important factors are: how many items do you want to pack in a outer box, how do you want to fit as many boxes as possible on a pallet (pallet configuration) and how sturdy does the box need to be.

De Halm can process various forms of packaging on its production lines. There are solutions for every issue, with or without our partners. Would you like to know more? Let us know, we'll be happy to talk to you!