NEW: Herb Granola’s

Herbs have been added to these deliciously crunchy granolas. This flavour combination promises a surprise in your mouth! The used ingredients match so well that they reinforce each other. They are packed in a resealable stand-up pouches made of biobased plastic. These products are for sale under our Meesters van De Halm brand, but of course we can also develop your own herb granola for a private label.

Herbal granola Coconut / Rosemary / Almond

Start your day with our crunchy granola with coconut, rosemary and almonds. This granola is a really special addition to our assortment. The combination of coconut, rosemary and almonds is very good. The rosemary gives the granola a subtle Mediterranean flavour. Click here for more info.

Herbal granola Strawberry / Basil / Chocolate

Get out of bed with this super delicious crunchy granola with strawberry, basil and chocolate. This oat-based granola has been enriched with pieces of dark chocolate, freeze-dried strawberry and dried basil - pure foodpairing! A surprisingly good combination. Click here for more info!