New: Granola low carb

New in the Healthy Granola range is our Granola low carb. This granola contains 80% less carbohydrates than other granolas. We bake it with apple purée instead of sugar or syrups. Also, this granola doesn’t contain palm oil (like all other products in our product range), and the bag is made of bioplastics. A delicious breakfast cereal which is rich in nuts and seeds! Enjoy it with (plant-based) yoghurt or milk and add fresh fruits of your choice.

The Granola low carb will be marketed under the Meesters van De Halm brand, but this product can also be ordered in (mini) bulk or as a private label. Various forms of packaging are possible, like bags, bag in box, Doypack or buckets.

The healthy granola product line is intended for people who are even more conscious of food; for example, sportsmen or people with special diets. If desired, we can send you a sample so you can experience the taste yourself.