New design for our foodservice packaging

The 'Meesters van De Halm' foodservice packaging range has undergone a metamorphosis. The range is now more legible, more colourful and has become much more unified. By means of food photos on the front and a QR code which refers to the recipe on the back, we offer more inspiration!

Besides the 800-1000g bags, also the portion packs (50g) will be available in the same look and feel. These will (expectedly) be packaged and sold in a full colour dispenser box. These boxes have an opening at the front so people can take a single pack out theirselves. The boxes can therefore be placed directly at a breakfast buffet, for example.

The trend of individually packaged items has only grown with the arrival of the coronavirus; that is why we now offer this as a complete foodservice concept.

The hotel and catering packaging is usually sold by hotel and catering wholesalers and ends up at hotels, B&Bs, care institutions, caterers and other food professionals. Are you active in one of these sectors and do you have any questions or comments for us? Or are you missing a product in the range? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

This concept is also possible with labels in your own language.