Meet Anne – our product and concept developer

At De Halm we can think along with the customer in many ways. We can assist with the choice of assortment or logistical issues, but also with the development of recipes and concepts. Dare us!

Anne van Grinsven has been working for De Halm for a number of years now. She is our creative brain when it comes to ingredients, flavour combinations and developing the most delicious and original breakfast products.

In terms of product and concept development, we can support and guide you in various ways, from idea to end product. Have you developed a recipe or ideas about a product you want to market? We would like to help you determine whether it is feasible in terms of pricing, availability of raw materials, shelf life, food safety and more. We can also work with you to see if recipes can be improved, or we can come up with ideas ourselves at your request and direction.

We look forward to your questions and ideas!