Distinctive breakfast cereal shelves?

A more complete breakfast cereal with the granola's of Qrop. But how?

With our Qrop brand, we want to bring originality and quality to retail shelves. We do this with distinctive bag-in-box packaging with outstanding designs. And with rich flavours! Our flavour combinations are super original, and have never been seen before. Our Peanutbutter Granola, for instance, contains 15% peanut butter and another 8% peanuts. How nuts! Or what about the Coffee Hazelnut Granola, with the subtle aroma and taste of fresh coffee and with dark and white chocolate added.

Of course, Qrop is 100% organic, and everything is produced on 100% renewable energy,

Would you also like to add Qrop to your retail shelves? We would be happy to send you samples and more information on request! Also, see www.qrop.eu for more information.