Let's focus on the good. The health of the world is not good and we have to do something about it. But let's focus on what is going well and get our energy from that. With Qrop, we want to give consumers the feeling that they have really earned that moment for themselves, without having to worry about the reliability, sustainability and origin of the product.

Granola peanut butter

Full of peanuts – the perfect granola for peanut butter lovers.

Granola white chocolate / cherry

The combination of creamy white chocolate and sour cherry for a special taste sensation.

Granola coffee / hazelnut

This granola is incredibly full-bodied, with pure ingredients and a good crunch.

Granola chocolate / banana

Richly filled granola with chocolate chips, banana pieces and cashew nuts.

Organic granola strawberry / lemon

The perfect balance between sweet and sour due to the combination of strawberry and lemon.

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Why choose Qrop

Unique flavours

We are continuously working on creating special flavour combinations. This is how we surprise the consumer with our innovative products!

Circular production

The heat that is released during our production is reused in other parts of the production – so energy is optimally used.

Green energy

Qrop granolas are produced using 100% green energy.


Our granolas are packaged in 100% industrially compostable foil made from wood fibre and sugar cane. Super sustainable!

No food waste!

Our residual flow products have various new destinations such as organic chicken and pig farms, as well as biogas installations.

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