OATS&MEAL = Oats for dinner!

Nowadays, more attention is being paid to having a healthy lifestyle. Consumers do their shopping more consciously and they want to know what is in their food. Yet, less and less time is set aside to prepare a fresh, nutritious meal. Oats&Meal comes to the rescue with a simple meal solution. With a good base of oat groats, not much else is needed for a nutritious and varied meal.

Oats&Meal chili

A vegetarian twist on chilli con carne with oat groats as a base. Ingredients to be added by the consumer: a can of diced tomatoes, a can of kidney beans and a bag of stir-fry vegetables.

Oats&Meal risotto

With the help of this meal pack, you can serve a delicious vegetarian risotto based on oat groats within thirty minutes. Ingredients to be added by the consumer: a zucchini, 250 grams of mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.

Oats&Meal shakshuka

Based on the Arabic breakfast dish shakshuka. Packed with vegetables and rich in flavour. Ingredients to be added by the consumer: two eggs, Italian stir-fry vegetables and a can of diced tomatoes.

Oats&Meal curry (on request)

Inspired by Indian curries. Packed with vegetables and rich in flavour. Ingredients to be added by the consumer: a small cauliflower, a can of chickpeas and a can of coconut milk.

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OATS&MEAL: great steel-cut oats!


The meal packets contain only organic oat groats and spices. These are grown without chemical pesticides and fertilisers.


Oats&Meal’s meals are easy to prepare. A packet of Oats&Meal, 3 extra ingredients, 1 pan and half an hour are enough to make a nutritious meal

Two portions

There are more and more single and two-person households. Therefore, the meal packets of Oats&Meal contain 2 (large) servings.


Oats&Meal’s meals contain at least 200 grams of vegetables per portion. In addition, the oat groats from the packet are a nutritious alternative to white rice that is often used in meal packet. Oat groats are rich in fibre and a source of proteins.

OATS&MEAL: steel-cut oats for dinner!

OATS&MEAL helps consumers to put a surprising and nutritious meal on the table, by incorporating the benefits of oats into a simple meal solution.

“I love to cook and enjoy trying out new recipes. At the weekend, that is, because during the week it has to be fast and practical. It’s a shame that all those handy meal solutions have such a long list of ingredients. Surely all those additives are not necessary for a nice meal!? Just give me a simple packet for a tasty, healthy meal.”

Our solution? OATS&MEAL. Steel-cut oats!

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We are proud of this special product and would therefore like to see it be available everywhere in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. That is why we are always looking for distributors who want to distribute OATS&MEAL meal aids. Our products are available as mixed pallets or in full pallets per product, as you desire. We can also support you in various marketing activities.

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For various retailers and brand houses, both large and small, we provide organic private labels when it comes to organic breakfast cereals.

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