Meesters van De Halm

Meesters van De Halm (Masters of the Grain) is our private label of organic breakfast cereals. As the Meesters van De Halm brand, we believe in pure, organic and sustainable products. Our current company still works according to the original philosophy of the founder Harrie van Grinsven: with respect for people and the environment. For us, respect for the environment also means working as sustainably as possible.

Cereal flakes

The cereal flakes of Meesters van De Halm have no additives. 100% organic and pure flattened cereals.

Gluten-free flakes

Our factory has a special gluten-free flaking line to guarantee that these flakes are 100% gluten-free.


Our mueslis consist of our pure cereal flakes mixed with nuts, kernels, seeds and/or fruits.

Crispy muesli

Our crispy mueslis consist of crispy baked cereals with added nuts, kernels, seeds and/or fruits.

Crunchy muesli

Our crunchy mueslis are extra crispy due to the addition of rice crispies. The baked cereals are enriched with nuts, seeds, herbs, fruits and/or chocolate.


Crispy flakes, 100% whole grain.


Our range contains healthy granola with low sugar content. We also have special granola with herbs – great products to pamper yourself with.

Porridge / pap

Special porridges that are easy and quick to prepare.

Herb granola

Two pampering granolas that have an incredibly special taste due to the use of basil and rosemary.

Oven-baked nuts and seeds

A mix packed with nuts and seeds, baked in the oven with olive oil and flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, sea salt and maple syrup.

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Why choose Meesters van de Halm

100% organic

All products in our range are completely organic. In this way, we contribute to greater biodiversity and a more beautiful landscape.

100% vegan – en

We werken er als merk hard aan om in 2021 enkel plantaardige producten te produceren.

Gluten-free products

Our range also includes gluten-free products to meet the demand.

Dutch cereals

By focusing on Dutch cereals, we ensure that our food miles, and therefore footprint, are brought to a minimum.

Dutch grains

The grains used in our brand come from Dutch soil whenever possible. If this is not possible, for example millet or rice which cannot be grown in the Netherlands, we still source them from as near as possible. The rice we use to make our rice flakes, for instance, comes from Italy. Not the cheapest thing from far away, but the tastiest thing from close by.

Therefore, the grains come from the Netherlands, provided this is possible and there is sufficient availability. When growing cereals, we are always dependent on Mother Nature. That is why we are always looking for Dutch organic growers who want to enter into a long-term cooperation with us. Do you know or are you an organic grower? Then we would like to get in touch with you. By working with Dutch grains as much as possible, the ecological footprint is the smallest and we contribute to a healthy existence of Dutch organic agriculture. In addition, all the grains used by Meesters van de Halm meet our strict quality requirements.


With Meesters van de Halm we look beyond our own organic grain crushing plant. That is why we also actively support Fairtrade. We are represented in the Fairtrade committee of our municipality, which was officially named a Fairtrade municipality in 2016. We therefore only process Fairtrade chocolate in our products.

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